How will attendees benefit from attending meetings and making new contacts? Is there a “passion” that will encourage participation?


Membership of THE FAT COW SOCIETY is FREE on the basis that each member provides one week in advance on receipt of an online invitation, a free service/product voucher for the network group every month. The value of each voucher, which will depend on the size and ability of the member business to provide the service, is entered in a ledger and “banked”. Speed networking will give each member an opportunity to have a face-to-face discussion for 60 seconds to describe their free service on offer for that month, its true value and what leads or referrals they require. Following this a Free Raffle will take place and each member will benefit from a service “which is non-transferrable and valid for only 30 days from the raffle”. A featured member will make a presentation for 10 minutes on their own business and this will be followed by a round where each member announces their two leads / referrals made the previous month, provide helpful critique where necessary and potential leads for the following 30 days.