THE FAT COW SOCIETY is based on a traditional method of benefiting small existing and start-up businesses with the experience and wealth already obtained within a group of people representing many industries in the community who share a mutual “passion” to survive during critical financial times that are hard to deal with. In the vision explained by Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat, THE FAT COW was eaten up by THE SKINNY COW in order to save the Egyptian nation from starvation. During the 7 lean years, the grain already collected into the stores from the 7 years of plenty, was distributed by Joseph amongst the struggling farmers. On this basis to help small businesses survive through recession, THE FAT COW SOCIETY, consisting of ‘those who have and those who have not,’ provides equalisation and the opportunity to trial and refer a member service to bring much needed funds into small and existing businesses.

For more info call 0843 289 3357 or email: Claire.ray@vomnet.me.uk


Is there a “passion” that will encourage participation?

THE FAT COW SOCIETY is a platform for businesses to offer free service vouchers giving each member the opportunity to trial a service during the following month (valid for 30 days) and will be required to obtain two valid leads or referrals for the service they have sampled to earn continued membership.

Business Types

  • Beauty/Hairdressing/Dentists/AlternativeTherapy
  • Car Hire/Car Sales/Motor Maintenance/Fuel
  • Restaurants/ Catering/Grocers
  • Clothing/Outfitters/Image Consultants/Interiors
  • Lighting/Heating/Telephone
  • Advertising/Accountancy
  • Insurances/Mortgages
  • Solicitors/Estate Agents
  • Business Consultants/Business Health Checks
  • Office Management/IT/Web Design
  • Entertainment Systems/Vocalists/Translation